VIO System

Efficient Testing of Embedded Systems on Evaluation Board Level

Hardware-in-the-loop testing of embedded software requires complex test systems, which is why it is often only used in the later stages of the development process. With the VIO System, I/O testing can be performed much earlier.

Its compact design makes it ideal for use on the laboratory bench, enabling continuous testing and simulation at evaluation board level even in the earliest stages of development. Whether sensors, actuators, devices or complete systems need to be tested during the HW/SW development phase, the VIO System covers all possibilities.

The VIO System, Vector's new I/O hardware for HIL testing.

In addition to its small size, the VIO System offers other key advantages. These include easy wiring to the target hardware, full integration into the familiar CANoe software environment, automatic I/O board detection, and intuitive operation.

The VIO system offers a choice of I/O boards that cover a wide range of applications, such as analog and digital inputs and outputs, current measurements, and much more.

VIO System Unboxed: A Step-by-Step Setup Guide

Discover the VIO System: Vector's versatile entry-level I/O hardware solution, ideal for testing and controlling embedded devices. Its compact size and affordable price make it a must-have tool for any developer's workbench. Join Jan Grünewald on his tour as he introduces the VIO System and guides you through each step of a simple test setup to speed up your first experience.

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