For a Unified Language in the Operating Room

Vector Strengthens SDC Standard

As a new member of the OR.NET association, Vector strengthens the SDC protocol, a standard for uniform data transmission between medical devices.

Vector development tools have proven themselves as benchmarks in the automotive sector for decades, and they also accelerate the development and testing of embedded, networked system solutions in medical technology. For the development of medical devices, Vector offers efficient simulation and test environments that can be used in all phases of product development.

In addition to established standards such as CAN and Ethernet, they will also support the SDC standard in the future. This makes the development and testing of embedded, networked systems for the operating room even faster, more reliable, and more reproducible.

The OR.NET association members come from industry, clinics and the research areas and rely on the IEEE 11073-SDC family of standards for the exchange of data between medical devices. The protocol for "Service-Oriented Device Connectivity" (SDC) published in this standard describes the bidirectional data transfer between many different medical devices from various manufacturers.

The SDC standard ensures consistent data and high data quality and enables secure and dynamic device-to-device communication. In this communication, the device network in the operating room automatically detects and integrates medical technology devices with plug-and-play functionality. SDC is an open standard, and each manufacturer has the option to integrate its system via SDC interfaces.

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Dr. Ulrich Berthold

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