Vector Medical Engineering Day 2023 | Review

A Day of Insight and Innovation

Following the recent Vector Medical Engineering Day on 25 October, we are delighted to share the overwhelmingly positive feedback we received from attendees, making it a truly memorable and successful event.

Organizational Excellence

Many of the attendees expressed their appreciation for the excellent organization and support provided in the lead up to the event. We understand the importance of a seamless experience, and we're delighted to know that this contributed to their overall satisfaction.

The event location at the Vector Campus in Stuttgart
Dynamic Content and Communication

The content and style of communication was highlighted as very good, with attendees praising the clarity and depth of information presented. The excellent presentation of the event itself was recognized, reflecting the dedication and effort put into creating a valuable experience for all involved.

Your hosts and guides for the event: Dr. Peter Ziegenhein and Dr. Ulrich Berthold.
Comprehensive Overview

One of the key highlights was the event's ability to provide a comprehensive overview of the Vector Medical Solutions portfolio and our activities in the medical technology sector. Attendees particularly enjoyed the excellent agenda and organization, with special mention made of the insightful deep dives in the afternoon.

Knowledge Enrichment

The Vector Medical Engineering Day was successful in providing new knowledge about Vector's test concepts across the board. The event featured many good presentations and discussions on the SDC standard, providing a comprehensive insight into the latest developments in the field.

Keynote speaker Prof. Dr.-Ing. Oliver Burgert, Medical Informatics, Reutlingen University.
Wide Range of Services and Concrete Examples

Attendees appreciated Vector's broad approach to its services, with concrete application examples. This approach not only provided valuable insights, but also demonstrated Vector's commitment to meeting the diverse needs of the medical device industry.

Preparing the afternoon workshops for SDC device development and testing.
Networking and Atmosphere

The availability of networking opportunities and the welcoming atmosphere were highlighted, with attendees praising the interesting and inspiring presentations as well as the great hospitality. The friendly and pleasant atmosphere was a testament to the dedication of the Vector staff, who were a pleasure to interact with throughout the event.

Unanimous feedback: a 100% recommendation rate for the event speaks for itself.
Looking Ahead

We're energized by your positive feedback and grateful for your participation. We were pleased to hear that many of you found the compact idea of presenting medical topics at Vector appealing, and we assure you that your suggestion to repeat the event next year will be duly noted. Furthermore, we are committed to building on this success and creating an even more enriching experience in the future.

See you next year for the 2nd Vector Medical Engineering Day?

Thank You Very Much

Vector Medical Engineering Day | October 25, 2023

On behalf of the entire Vector team, we would like to extend our sincere thanks to each and every attendee for making Vector Medical Engineering Day a resounding success.

Your enthusiasm, commitment and insightful contributions made this event truly special. We look forward to continuing this journey together and exploring new horizons in the exciting field of medical engineering.

Thank you again for being part of this remarkable event!

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