Ward Rounds With Vector

Examining Vector Medical Engineering Solutions

Make a round with Vector Experts! In compact "Ward Rounds with Vector" online sessions, we present development and testing solutions for software-based systems in medical engineering.

Past Rounds

Simulation and Testing of SDC-Networks

As OR.NET association member, we support the SDC protocol for standardized data transfer between connected medical devices. In this round, we took a closer look at simulation and testing of SDC networks.

More about our OR.NET membership

Software Quality for Medical Devices

We discussed how to monitor and rate software quality in acc. with ISO 25000 and how this correlates with technical debt. We showed the importance of software testing in compliance with IEC 62304 and FDA.

More about how to continuously improve software quality 

Explainable AI In the Development Phase

This round was for anyone in medical engineering who is developing software-based systems with AI components. We gave an outlook on how Vector solutions could accompany the development process.

Let’s meet in Munich

How to Speed Up Software Application Development

Accelerated development and simplified testing of medical electronics: in this round, we talked about how to save a lot of time by developing applications for embedded systems with the XCP standard.

More about the XCP protocol in Medical Engineering

Next Round

Ward Rounds With Vector

New Dates and Topics Coming Soon!

If there is a topic you would particularly like to see, please let us know.


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Dr. Ulrich Berthold

Keyaccount Vector Medical

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